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Crossfire is a Global Agenda gaming agency.
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 Garga's Application to Crossfire

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Garga's Application to Crossfire Empty
PostSubject: Garga's Application to Crossfire   Garga's Application to Crossfire EmptySat Jun 11, 2011 4:57 pm

In Game Username: Gargahrensis

Age: 17

Class: RECON!!!

Spec: Infiltration

Weapon of Choice: Sword

Our AvA'ing hours are from 8:30pm to 11:00pm GMT -8 (PST), Monday through Friday, will you be able to be on during those times? Already within my usual gaming hours, should not be a problem for me.

Do you have vent and will you use the Forums?
I will look into it. I have a mic. I plan to look into the forums on a regular basis.

Can you be committed to the agency?
Yes. If money is needed. Or if anybody needs an extra gun.

How did you hear of Crossfire?
The Agency Center.

Do you know any of our Agents?
No, but i look forward to meeting them.

An angry player whispers you, calling you names and accusing you of hacking since you've killed him so much.
What do you do?
I get that a lot since im so skilled . Message him back and say "the game is about kill or be killed, you want to stop dying then stay away from me on the battlefield."

Have you ever had a chance to witness Coldfire's ground drawings?
No. but if it has anything to do with art then i would like to see one.

How do you feel about the KSnacks & Duckies Combo?
snacks and ducks have never been put together before but it could be a devastating combination =D. I dont know.

Drewdiddy "Aimbots". True or False?
ill leave the aimbots for the enemy CPUs.

Do you think RustyTconway would make a good white version of Mr. T?
There can be only one Mr. T and i think he would agree. Rhyme whoo!

Do you have any Experience playing previous FPS/TPS games?
heck yea. Halo 1 through Reach. COD. Fallout/Elder Scrolls. Ima hardcore shooter gamer

Did you play competitively?
in what? super mario party 7? of course!! Im competitive because there is no point not to be. but not too competitive where it takes the fun out of it.

What do you hope to get out of being a member of Crossfire?
A better gaming experience in Global Agenda.

(to be honest i had to look a few things up on the internet, such as the GMT time zone conversion)
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Garga's Application to Crossfire
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