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Crossfire is a Global Agenda gaming agency.
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 Crossfire - The Epic Tale

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Most of us already know Coldfire. Many of us have been in the agency for what seems like a while. Question is: Are you aware of the full and sometimes hillarious past of this agency? I found out this afternoon on the other end of a series of tubes called "The Interwebs", during a long conversation on Ventrillo.

- In The Beginning

Coldfire started playing Global Agenda sometime during the beta process. This part of the story is kinda mysterious. Coldfire didn't say much about it, and insists that he played very little of the beta. I believe that sometime during the beta period he had a life changing event take place. Forced into dangerous circumstances and forged by fire, Coldfire emerged from the beta a new man; A man with a vision. That vision was Crossfire!

Crossfire - The Epic Tale
^^ Coldfire before GA beta testing. ^^

Crossfire - The Epic Tale
^^ Coldfire before starting Crossfire/after beta. ^^

Crossfire was created on January 29th, 2010. Durring the pre-lauch 10 day head-start.

- The Gold Rush
Crossfire - The Epic Tale Whitepasstrain

The week leading up to Crossfire's first AvA match is known as the the "Gold Rush". New players from around the continent and europe flocked to Global Agenda in droves. They came with big expectations and bright eyes. Coldfire was accepting new applicants on the daily, and on one particular evening, 80+ members in two hours. lol!

Crossfire started its first night of AvA with a solid four strikeforces. That's right! They were solid all right. Packed to the brimm with utter newbs. I wasn't playing with Coldfire back then, but I am sure many hillarious battles were had. "Our first strikeforce was full of newbs, we had five robos in the original SF" - Coldfire

- Wham Bamm, Thank You Mamm, err Global Agenda.

Shortly after the massive waves of new players descended on Global Agenda players began to leave. There was an exodus soon after the pilgrimage, as players began to realize that this game has a lack of content. Like most MMO launches people came, got pissed, and left. This left Crossfire with a more refined crew of mercenaries. It also made way for another massive gathering. A zerg alliance to the likes of which no mercenary had ever seen before.... EMP!

- The Dark Ages
Crossfire - The Epic Tale Locustsswarmtyu

During the Dark Ages Crossfire was a part of an alliance called TBH. This was at a time when the only competitive alliance was as fat as a whale, and won most of its victories by sitting on its opponents, oh yeah, and free-capping. EMP zerged Warlord (the old AvA map) until it had all the hexes and owned all the resources. Nobody could compete with EMP, and they dominated due to sheer numbers. They ruled the map with a population of roughly 400 players. This is also around the time Protocol was developed, and yes, they were in EMP.

- The Hillarious and Untimely End of EMP.
Crossfire - The Epic Tale 21118698c52278bf00

EMP was nearing its way to victory, they owned all the hexes, the resources, all they needed was time. Well thanks to a rogue member of the Nerve agency they did not recieve anything but drama. So this mysterious legend, this un-sung hero, played politics. He played very well and gained the trust of the top ranking EMP officials. He kissed enough ass to get some major privileges and some serious power. Then he bid five million on a hex! Very Happy

Yep! He bid five million on a hex, just as EMP's tax's were due. The alliance lost all shields, and all factories ground to a hault. Naturally infighting and mistrust ensued, and there you have the end of the epic zerg alliance EMP. EMP basically imploded after the betrayal, and Crossfire and other quality agencies reaped the rewards. According to Coldfire the demise of EMP was followed by an epic free for all, where great battles were in favour of epic zerg free-capping.

- A Summary of the Rest.
Crossfire - The Epic Tale 51thesimpsonsbartsimpso

Well after the crumble of the epic fail alliance EMP, Crossfire enjoyed a time of prosperity,. With their new alliance Nomad, they controlled a decent portion of the map. That is until a key agency (BEAST) broke off to join JL.

Members began to leave Crossfire due to bordem and frusturation. The agency saw most of its core members leave during this period of time. Coldfire himself took a break from leadership, and left the agency in the hands of another mercenary.

Crossfire continued on as a small mercenaries agency for a while. Coldfire came back a few weeks later refreshed, and began rebuilding the agency. New members were recruited, organization became a top priority once again. A new age of Crossfire was born. Many of you may have been recruited at this time.

The new Crossfire allied with Trinity and formed the Wrath alliance. Wrath after a period of success collapsed after the leader of Trinity burned out.

Crossfire was briefly in its own alliance BLAME . Then quickly transitioned into Metal. Metal became PIE. Which is the alliance that we won Rook with.


Well as i sat listening to Coldfire tell me the agency's story, I was amazed by the scope of it all. Who would have thought our agency had been through so much since it's conception. There have been many changes and many different alliances. Crossfire still lives on . Where many other agencies have perished, Crossfire keeps on trekking, and grows stronger every week.

We have a new AvA season ahead of us. One with new rules and new challenges. We are also joining a new alliance, FUBAR. Which despite its name is our most competitive alliance to date. We are set to be major players in the future of our favourite game.

Let us all now look to the future. The building of a new strikeforce, so more of our members can be involved. Let us look toward our new frontier, the single AvA map. Along side our new, more capable allies.

BIG UPs to Coldfire for keeping this agency alive through thick and thin. Special thanks to Kryptin (Krypton!!!!!!!!!) who has been there since the newbie days of TBH.

Good Luck and Godspeed Brothers!

(If you have more accurate information, or notice any mistakes, feel free to let me know.)

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PostSubject: Re: Crossfire - The Epic Tale   Crossfire - The Epic Tale EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 11:47 am

cheers Amen

Arrow it is all that I believe I can say to that...
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PostSubject: Re: Crossfire - The Epic Tale   Crossfire - The Epic Tale EmptyWed Jun 09, 2010 5:30 pm

mizzick wrote:
Well thanks to a rogue member of the Nuve
is that the same "Nuve" that's in PIE?
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PostSubject: Re: Crossfire - The Epic Tale   Crossfire - The Epic Tale EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 12:10 am

Its Nerve. it was led by Jedric
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Crossfire - The Epic Tale
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